AI Driven Drug Discovery Summit USA 2024

AI Driven Drug Discovery Summit Returns November 12-13, 2024



In recent times, a number of prominent collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and AI firms have emerged, signalling the growing importance of validating and enhancing these methodologies. As technology continues to advance, the AI Driven Drug Discovery Summit serves as a platform to showcase innovative approaches for effectively incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies into the ever-expanding realm of datasets.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, it has become imperative to determine where and how AI can provide the most value. By bringing together leaders from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, AI technology, and academic sectors, this forum offers an invaluable opportunity to develop a well-defined strategic vision with ambitious goals for harnessing AI's potential to optimize the process of drug discovery.

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  • Engage with leading pharma and biotech companies as they discuss the current state of AI-assisted drug discovery and explain how they are adjusting existing processes to drive decisions on AI insights
  • Discuss how AI can be leveraged to support multi-omic data integration
  • Understand how recent advances in AI/ML are improving the accuracy of therapeutic target identification
  • Discover how AI is accelerating drug safety assessments and how researchers are augmenting toxicity predictions through in silico ADMET models
  • Connect with industry leaders using AI/ML to aid drug repositioning efforts for rare disease and learn from SARS-CoV-2 drug repurposing efforts
  • Upskill decision makers and users on AI methodologies and limitations to avoid black box mistrust
  • Identify new AI-native partners and learn to better manage existing partnerships to further integrate AI processes across functions


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